Along with cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ, our mission at Our Lady of Fatima School is reflected in our efforts to prepare students for the skills of the 21st Century to answer future leadership responsibilities.  With the knowledge that many future jobs of this century have not yet been created, at the heart of that preparation is access to a vibrant library and technology.  In addition to an ambitious curriculum, we have worked hard to provide all classrooms with Interactive Boards and systems of innovation that will provide opportunities to give our students the skills necessary to expand new ideas, set new goals, test their creative side and teach one another in a progressive, student-centered environment.  Steeped in the tradition of the school is a commitment from all stakeholders, students, teachers, staff, and administrators to excel, to persevere, and to dream.


Academic Profile


The school session includes 180 calendar days with a minimum of 179 student contact days.  A minimum of 175 minutes is spent daily in reading, language arts, and math instruction.  Religion is taught a minimum of 30 minutes daily, except on Mass days.  Additional core subjects and enrichment make up the remainder of the 345 minutes. 

In four sections of grades Pre-K through 3, students are heterogeneously grouped in self-contained classrooms.  Grade 4 is semi-departmentalized with team teaching.  Grade 5 is semi-departmentalized with each teacher teaching reading and religion in addition to their specialty area.  Grades 6 through 8 are departmentalized.  Advanced classes are scheduled for academically talented students in grades 2 through 8 through Lafayette Parish Schools Gifted and Talented Program.  Very specific criteria is used for qualifying for the program.


Tips for Parents


Parents and schools work together to help children learn.  Students learn best when they know that their efforts are supported at home and at school.  Everyone concerned, especially students, profit when there is a partnership for learning.  Some ways you can help your child do his/her best at school is:

Be a MODEL.  Parents are the first teachers a child has.  They will model your behavior, opinions, and attitudes.  If you value learning and show it, chances are your child will benefit.  They will also benefit when they see you reading books and magazines, writing, and talking about what is going on in the world.
Provide SUPPORT.  Your child needs your support in many ways.  This means making sure your child has enough sleep and is eating well-balanced meals.  It also means providing a quiet space where your child can study without interruptions.  You also support every time you offer your child encouragement and set reasonable expectations for his/her achievement.  Support the need for completing quality homework and let them know you will check it according to their level of independence.  Get them to school in plenty of time to allow them to come into their learning environment feeling in control and secure.  A level of comfort is necessary in every learning situation.
Stay INFORMED.  Ask your child about school activities and learning experiences.  Get to know your child’s textbooks and take time to look at returned class work and assessments.  Continue to review and support areas that have not been mastered with extra practice or tutoring.  Keep in touch with your child’s teachers and the school.  Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences and Orientation Night.  Find out the goals that are planned for your child, how the school plans to reach those goals and how you can help.
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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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