In addition to regular formative and summative assessments given by the classroom teachers, Fatima students annually participate in standardized testing.  Students in grades 1-2 are given the Stanford 10 Achievement Test while students in grades 3-8 are given the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment.  These tests are used to compare a student’s progress to students across the nation and to detect specific weaknesses of a child or program.  Students do not pass or fail the tests.  The tests provides information essential to evaluating school programs, in particular the sequence subjects are being taught, programs, units, and activities used, and ways students are grouped to learn. Students in grades 1 - 8 are also given the Otis Lennon Achievement Test. Teachers and administrators use these test scores to evaluate each child’s progress in school and to address special needs. Along with teacher-made tests, quizzes, and projects, the SAT 10 and ACT Aspire provide a broad picture of concept understanding and learning. 


Fox in a Box Literacy Test

Fox in a Box is a standards-based literacy assessment system.  The benchmark activities in Fox in a Box are based on the four key areas of literacy development that form the core of reading curriculum.  Fox in a Box is designed to give teachers a snapshot of each child's strengths and weaknesses based on benchmarks for selected skills in four critical learning strands:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Reading and Oral Expression (Including Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Fluency), and Listening and Writing.  


Pre-K and K Dial-4

The Dial-4 Readiness Assessment (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning, Fourth Edition) is administered to new students coming into Pre-K4 and Kindergarten  The Dial-4 is a readiness assessment that looks at a student’s readiness in the areas of language development, motor development (fine and gross motor skills), and concept development, as well as social interaction with both children and adults. This assessment is a screening tool that is used for the purpose of placement and intervention.  The Dial- 4 test is administered prior to student admission.

Our Lady of Fatima School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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