Elective/Enrichment Opportunities

Co-Curricular Profile

Our Lady of Fatima School has achieved excellence by always looking to the future and meeting the needs of our students today as well as tomorrow. The curriculum includes courses in religious education, literature, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, and technology.  The educational experiences of the children are enhanced by the classroom multi-media centers, the media center in the state-of-the-art library, two computer labs, and the hands-on science lab. Children are introduced to a serious study of fundamental skills, which form a strong and solid foundation for their later years.

Our Lady of Fatima School meets the needs of its students through advanced English and reading classes in junior high and an 8th grade Algebra I class.  High school credit can be earned with the Algebra I course in 8th grade.


In addition to the core curriculum, students are provided many opportunities for enrichment.  Our Lady of Fatima School is committed to providing an environment for maximum learning and promoting the ability to think critically in order to solve problems and make decisions. Aesthetic experiences can provide a foundation from which thought, concepts, judgment and action spring.  


Physical education teachers work with students at all levels and provide a daily developmental program for grades PK through 8.   In junior high, physical education is taught to all students on a rotation basis. The music teacher works with students on a bi-weekly basis.  Counselors provide bi-monthly lessons for PreK through 4 on a bi-monthly basis and with grades 5 through 8 on a monthly basis.  Opportunities for individual counseling is available for all grade levels.  Pre-K visits the library weekly.  K through 5 visit the library bi-monthly. Grades 6 through 8 adhere to a flexible schedule. Grades Pre-K through 3 visit the computer lab weekly.  Grades 4 through 8 use the computer lab on a flex schedule. Also, both the library and computer labs are available on an as needed basis.  French instruction is provided for students in K-5 and as an elective for 8th graders.  Band instruction involves students in grades 5 through 8.  Three piano teachers providing lessons on campus give opportunities for piano instruction for students.

Electives in the areas of speech/drama, art, band, chorus, reading, fitness, Multi-Media, Creative Arts, technology, Life Sklls, and French (8) are available to junior high students. 

OLF Elective Offerings in Junior High 2017-2018

In addition, students compete at all levels (local, state, regional, and national) of the Scripps Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, 4-H, Math Counts, and Junior Beta Club.

Quiz Bowl – Promotes academic excellence in a competitive arena.  (Grades 7-8)

Science Olympiad - Improves scientific and technological literacy and provides recognition for outstanding achievement in the area of science.  (Grades 6-8)

4-H – Helps young people grow in leadership, develops skills of responsibility and citizenship, builds friendship and promotes self-esteem.  (Grades 4-8)

Library Club – Promotes reading for entertainment through participation in book talks and creates an environment of ownership of the library through participation in routine library duties.  (Grades 5-8)

Junior Beta Club - Promotes service and recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, exemplify worthy character, and maintain a commendable attitude.  (Grades 6-8)

Peer Helpers –Involves small group interaction among students, advocates and fosters positive social skills and character education while providing positive role models in our school atmosphere that make a difference. (Grade 8)

Junior High Play – Introduces students to the theatre arts, builds character and discipline, and offers a creative outlet for students to perform before an audience. (Grades 6-8)

Called to Serve – Promotes leadership and positive student involvement in school improvement while meeting the needs of the school, students and community. (Grades 6-8)

Math Club – Improves the reasoning and problem solving skills of our junior high students.  (Grades 6-8)

Technology Club - (Grades 6-8)

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Piano Instruction

Information regarding piano lessons offered at Our Lady of Fatima can be found under the Parents tab on this website.

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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