Our Lady of Fatima School is dedicated to providing its students with an education rich in technology in order to prepare them for their futures in high school, university, and the work force.  We have a technology curriculum, which was written specifically for our school and is based on national technology standards. We have committed to constantly improving our infrastructure and providing equipment for both teachers and students in order to give our students a strong technology background and to give our teachers access to the best possible teaching materials and methodology.

Some of what Our Lady of Fatima School has to offer:

  • Two full-service computer labs with experienced technology teachers
  • A library/media center with a full set of computers, an iPad Mobile Lab, a set of video cameras, an Interactive Flat Panel, full Destiny access, and numerous online resources
  • Interactive White Boards (SMART and Promethean) in all classrooms
  • Computer labs for 1:1 instruction in classes that do not have labs
  • Student computers in classrooms to allow for Accelerated Reader testing, project work, and student instruction
  • A set of iPads for center instruction in all Pre-K through 4th grade classrooms
  • Renweb School Management System to report grades and to bring school and classroom information to parents and students
  • A multi-media enrichment course that teaches students to use different forms of media and technology
  • MacBook Pro Labs for 1:1 instruction in Junior High Language Arts Classrooms, 5th grade shared roaming cart, and 3rd & 4th grade shared roaming cart

In addition, the school hosts OLF Warrior Channel 2, a school media presentation that broadcasts school events, highlights happenings around the school, and allows both live and video presentations to be piped into the classrooms and other areas of the school. Student-created videos are presented to the student body regularly over Warrior Channel 2 in order to give information about upcoming special dress days, to lead the student body in prayer, to address the issue of bullying through anti-bullying videos, and to give information about club activities.

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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