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Giving A Listening Ear… Uniform adaption for next academic school year (2017-18)

At a recent Advisory Council meeting, a concern was expressed about next year’s school uniform policy, particularly requiring that all students wear a white pull over shirt as part of their daily school uniform. The concern was expressed by Jr. High parents whose daughters are uncomfortable due to “adolescent development”. We think it’s important to be sensitive to this issue. Thus, for next year, the school uniform pull over shirt will be NAVY Blue for all female students. We will eliminate all blue options for male students so that the white pull over will be their standard dress. However, on MASS Days, the white button down shirt will remain the more formal attire of the school for all students. The white shirt worn by Jr. High girls is thick enough to eliminate “sensitive” issues.

TIE: The tie now worn by our 6th/7th/8th grade boys is for adults. We regret that this detail was overlooked when the choice of a school tie was made. A clip-on tie (which will be more comfortable and more manageable for younger boys) will be chosen for NEXT YEAR. Information for obtaining will be forthcoming.

THANK YOU for your cooperation. Again, this change is a response to concerns on the part of some parents about a sensitive subject matter, and we want to be understanding and helpful.


Rev. Michael J. Russo, Pastor

Mr. Herb Boasso, Principal


To clarify the new dress code policies for next year, please adhere to the following:

1. All girls will wear the navy blue pullover shirts. There is one exception. The white blouse, including the Peter Pan collar, may be worn under jumpers only.

2. All boys will wear the white pullover shirts.

3. The dress code for Mass days will remain the same - white oxford shirts (with ties for the boys).



An integral part of the educational philosophy of Our Lady of Fatima School is the conviction
that the school assists the parents/guardians in carrying out their primary responsibility of
providing for the religious and secular education of their children.
An ongoing positive working
relationship between the parents/guardians and the school is critical to the success of the
school and the students. As part of that working relationship, parents/guardians are expected to
be involved as much as possible in the educational process, to refrain from conduct which
thwarts the orderly Administration and operation of the school, to support and participate in
school activities, and to provide instruction to and set positive examples for their children both at
home and in the community. While Our Lady of Fatima School encourages the constructive
exchange of ideas, feedback and suggestions intended to foster the continued growth and
improvement of the school, Our Lady of Fatima School is ultimately responsible for the or
derly Administration and operation of the school, including the policies and procedures implemented to achieve the school’s goals. Our Lady of Fatima School reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student(s) in the event that it is determined by the school
Administration that:
(1) a positive working relationship between the school and the parent/guardians no longer exists
and/or is irreparably damaged, or
(2) the parents/guardians have failed to provide the support, assistance and example necessary
for the religious and secular education to which each child is entitled.
Furthermore, failure on the part of any student and/or parent/guardian to abide by the rules,
regulations and policies as outlined in the school handbook may result in termination of the
student’s enrollment from the school.
Our Lady of Fatima School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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