The Miracle Machine,
A study of the human body
April 25-29, 2016


For over 25 years, Our Lady of Fatima School has included in its curriculum a symposium focusing on a specific topic.  The first six consecutive thems hightlighted an area of science.  Since 1993, the symposium has brought us towards an awakening of many new possibilities including our Catholic faith, athletics, literature, Louisiana's diverse treasures and the decades of the 20th century.  Fatima has also explored the animal kingdom, God's inifinite universe, the cultures of the world and protecting our planet.


This year, the Fatima Parent's Club will host an academic enrichment week from April 25-29th entitled "The Miracle Machine:  A Study of the Human Body."  The OLF Academic Enrichment Week and Symposium is a week-long event filled with a host of exhibits, lessons, events, speakers, probjects, experiments and much more.  We are very excited to the Mega Body Inflatable and Mega Heart Inflatable.  These inflatables are giant medical inflatables that provide a larger than life experience, engaging the chldren as they walk through a replica of the human body discovering organs, bones, tissue, and much more.  All week the children will be immersed in the miracle of the human body and will expland their minds with creative and hands-on learning.


For a slide show detailing all activities of the Academic Symposium, please click here.

For information on the Mega Body Inflatable and Mega Heart Inflatable, please click here.

For information of the guest speaker, Christopher Duffley, please click here.


Academic Symposium Chair - Amy Braun

Academic Symposium Co-chair - Ellen Gary

Academic Symposium Co-chair - Nikie Patin

Symposium Shakeup - Ashley Moncla

Guest Speaker - Christopher Duffley

Duffley assistant - Amy Dupuis

Miracle of the Body - Mega Body Inflatable - Kari Blum

Miracle of Digestion iPad Station - Jen Hebert

Fatima Health Center -

Miracle of Sight  - Lauren Swan

Miracle of Surgery - Elizabeth Johnson/Jaime Woodring

Miracle of Breath - Margaret Kordisch

Miracle of the Skeletal System - Angela Sobiesk (Amy Chalala)

Miracle of Heart Mega Heart Inflatable - Katie Heard

Miracle of Life - Janelle Rentrop

Front of School - Konni Ashy

Students teaching Students Project - Jeannie Patton

Stepping Stone Rosary - Lyndsay Hoyt

Body Magnification Project - Gwen Foreman

Art Chair - Kate Rountree

Symposium Graphics - Elizabeth Bordelon

Communication - Heather Escot

Hospitality - AnnaClaire Inzerella

Gym Logistics - Candace Naquin

Lamar Signage - Marnie Hoyt

Volunteer Coordinator - Emily Hooper

Evening Viewing - Becky Kraemer

Professions of the Body - Room Moms

Lunch Series - Becky Kreamer/Teni Lerille

Fun Run - Advancement Department

Mass - Religion Department

Blood Drive - Religion Department







Our Lady of Fatima School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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