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 $70.00 for 70 Years!


As we commemorate 70 years of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, we are reminded of how instrumental our donors have been in providing resources to help educate the future leaders of the community and Catholic Church.
Generous gifts from friends like you will allow us to provide the support needed to continue the school's mission. It is amazing to witness donors work alongside teachers, administration, students and parents to provide the best Catholic education possible.

OLF  is centered in Christ for faith formation, committed to teaching all children, and we encourage strong moral character. We believe children need experiences to learn and grow physically, as well as intellectually. It is through playing that we instill strong values that come from interacting with others, taking turns, and forming relationships through activities. Also, safety for our students at play is of the utmost importance. This is why the safe playground surface was installed on playgrounds over 18 years ago. It is time to replace the safe-surface, repair the current structure on the PreK3, PreK4, and K playground, add more shade, and purchase new playground equipment.