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Blue & Gold Forever

The Blue and Gold Forever Campaign is an initiative that has been in place for over 25 years.  This campaign's main goal is to raise funds for the Endowment and the Technology Department.  

The OLF Foundation  Endowment –Together we are Stronger!

An OLF Foundation endowment fund is a self-sustaining source of funding where the capital is invested to produce income. Whereas the principal investment remains intact in perpetuity, and the income is granted annually, to support Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School.

 Four good reasons to make an endowed gift:

• Your gift will help to ensure continuity of our academics and programs by creating financial stability.

• Long-term strategic investment in the school will pay dividends for students and teachers: the best quality teachers are attracted to the best resourced schools, as well as opportunities for professional growth.

• You will help free up resources otherwise dedicated to fundraising, enabling the endowment to focus on helping the school.

• Endowed gifts provide a way for you to leave a lasting bequest and create a permanent legacy for a cause.

$2,6000,000 in the Endowment.
Interest earned and given to the school last year - $82,476.
Goal this year -  $50,000.



Lights, Camera Action! – Goal #1

Last year a new elective was created for Junior High students in 8th Grade. The class focuses on Broadcast journalism and creating their own newscast. The students use their MacBook Airs to create the newscast. However, their filming equipment is just an iPad. To enhance this class we need a camera to film the broadcast and sound equipment. The class meets in the Little Warrior Lab, which is equipped with a green screen allowing the class to create and insert multiple backgrounds. We also need an anchor desk.  The class creates morning announcements for the entire school as well as special features for things happening around OLF.

The following are the items needed to take our Broadcasting class to the next level:

Camera & Tripod - $219.62

Sound Equipment - $199.99

Anchor Desk - $249.99

Chairs for Anchor Desk - $199.00

Infrastructure Upgrade – Goal #2

We are proud to say the entire student body and teachers are 1:1 with an Apple device! With this huge milestone, comes a major infrastructure upgrade.  This upgrade will give students and teachers a firm grounding in connectivity used to and from active devices. Increased bandwidth campus wide will ensure a robust wireless environment for  educational applications, lessons and coursework. We envision a future that would require sufficient bandwidth to handle the campus wide demands.

Cost: $95,000

*Please note that the Louisiana Tax Credit that has been in effect for over 25 years is no longer available to Louisiana residence.

Gifts can be mailed in or you can donate on-line at


Thanks to the following for their generosity into the 2020-2021 Blue and Gold Campaign

Platinum Society ($5,000 and up)



Blue & Gold Club ($1,000-$4,999)



Warrior Club ($500-$999)



Friends of Fatima ($1-$499)



A Sincere Thank you to the 2020-2021

 Blue & Gold Forever Committee


Beth Resweber Chairman

Kristan Lambert

Emily Babineaux

Stuart Billeaud

Cathy Blappert

Brian Etier

Katie Heard

Elizabeth Johnson

Becky Kreamer

Kristian Lambert

Todd Lambert

Christian Prejean

Lauren Swan

Lauren Mansfield

Morgan Berard

Loni Kay Meyer

Ken Miller

Katie Sanford

Rachel Swan