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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is thrilled to offer Donating Online.  Over the last 65 plus years OLF has accomplished many feets and will conitnue to strive with your help.  Gifts to the school go directly to our school and the students we serve.  With your gracious donation you can help continue the vitality of our great institution.

We now offer a secure way to donate.  Click here to make a secure donation.

The Time Has Come to Pave the Way!

Fatima parishioners and/or school parents have patiently waited for greater than 30 years for the opportunity to build a much needed parking lot on adjacent parish property. Recently, the prayers of many years have been answered and we will be moving forward to build the parking lot that is most needed for weekend Mass, Sacramental Church events, in addition to school events. As a part of this plan we will answer the request of numerous parishioners to build a structure that will provide cover to drop off family members to Church on rainy days. 

Why Pave the Way?

*Improved safety for our students, parishioners, parents and seniors

*Addition of 90 new parking spots

*Improved Security

*Modernized/Aesthetically pleasing parking areas

*Relief for neighbors on Ronald Blvd. and Oakview Blvd.

*Covered drop off area with Portico

How to Pave the Way?

Looking back we give thanks and gratitude for the many blessings we each have received being a member of the Fatima Church and/or School family. Looking forward, we pave the way for our children, grandchildren and generations to come with a Fatima Family parking lot.

We have a great opportunity to share our gifts and treasures by giving to the Fatima fundraising project to build our new parking lot and portico. It will take generous hearts to help us raise $1,000,000.00, the total cost of the project.

We hope you would consider a gift of $100 for each year you have been a Fatima Family member (EX. 10yrs= $1000, 20 yrs= $2000, etc). Our campaign asks for a one-time gift in this amount sometime during the fundraising calendar, from Advent 2021 through Lent 2022, ending on Easter Sunday. Any gift is appreciated. If you can give more, we will be abundantly blessed!

Naming opportunities available for gifts $20,000 or more and will be recognized with a plaque on the brick columns. Please call the school for details on a naming opportunity.

We can all remember the gifts we have received through our parish and school, while being a daughter or son of Our Lady of Fatima’s church and school. Please remember to keep your Church and school in your prayers, from Advent through Lent, reaching out to God to Pave Our Way.

“Wherever you are going, God has already been there and paved the way for you.”