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The Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Foundation exists only to support the school financially.  It's endowed funds are professionally managed and invested.  The interest is returned to the operating budget of the school every year to help defray the cost of tuition.  This is the only purpose for this money since the principle of the endowed funds cannot be spent.  The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to fully endow the school.  This would mean that the endowment would generate enough interest every school year to completely cover the operating expenses of the school.  Through the generosity of others, the Foundation can reach this goal.  Gifts to the Foundation are received in the form of cash, securities, or deferred gifts, which can include life insurance proceeds, bequests, or charitable remainders.

Foundation Board Members


Todd Lambert - President

Blake David - Vice President

Stuart Billeaud - Secretary

Jeremy Meaux - Treasurer

Bobby Darnall - Co-Treasurer

Foundation Directors

Emily Babineaux

Jude Bares

Don Capretz

Bobby Darnall

Stephen Gauthier

Kay Gautreaux

Beth Gossen

Becky Kreamer

Andre LeBlanc

Beth LeBlanc

Joan Moody

Stephen Moore

Fran O'Neal

Joshua Pellerin

Beth Resweber

Bret Resweber

Kelly Romero

Ex-officio members

Msgr. Jefferson DeBlanc

Barry Heinen

Kate Rountree

Anna Claire Inzerella

executive director

Angela Schoeffler

Associate director

Caroline White