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Welcome to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School! Named after the great apparition of Mary in a small Portuguese town in 1917.

In the year of Our Lord 2000, Pope John Paul II chose to reveal the third part of the so-called "secret of Fatima."  All three are stunning, considering they were communicated prior to the events described.  That Russia would be converted and that there would be an even greater war than the First World War did not enter anyone's mind before they actually happened.  In some marvelous way they were communicated by Mary to the children of Fatima.  The final "secret", concerning a bishop dressed in white who would be struck by a bullet, is additionally remarkable in and of itself, considering the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1980.  What does it all mean?

In a Vatican document entitled "The Message of Fatima", then Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) reminded us that the essential  message of Fatima is "the exhortation to prayer as the path of "salvation for souls" and, likewise, the summons to penance and conversion."

Here at Our Lady of Fatima Parish and School we take the message of Fatima very seriously.  We strive to teach our children love for God within the context of our Church's tradition and teachings.  We exhort them to prayer and penance and teach them that, as children, these prayers and pious acts are very powerful.  If offered for others, they help to change lives.  And, isn't this what the Church is all about?  It's about changing the human heart - to grow its capacity to love and forgive - thus changing the very world!

Rev. Fr. Michael Russo