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Parents’ Club Volunteer Opportunities

The Parents’ Club is comprised of numerous committees who rely on parents to fill volunteer roles. Your involvement on any level is encouraged and appreciated. Your ideas, talents and contributions are what help make our school a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. To contact Parents’ Club, and

Parents' Club Board





Art Appreciation Chair

Bingo Co-Chair

Bingo Co-Chair

Communications Chair

Fatima Families Chair

Fatima Families Co-Chair

Fall Festival Chair

Fall Festival Co-Chair

Field Day Chair (5th-8th)

Field Day Chair (PreK3-4th)

Hospitality Chair

Hospitality Co-Chair

Legal Advisor

Library Volunteer Chair

Lunch Room Chair

Volunteer Systmes Admin

Room Mom Chair

Spirit Shop Chair

Special Event Chair

Special Event Co-Chair

Tennis Mixer

Warrior Leader Co-Chair

Warrior Leaser Co-Chair

Booster Club Liason


Caroline Potier

Kate Rountree

Betsy Lopez

Dana Bosch

Kristi Eames

Bridget Alfonso

Beth Tate

Heather Devalcourt

Christine McGill

Meg Mourain

Lauren Swan

Kelly Romero

Anne-Marie Templet

Amy Burrows

Anna Claire Inzerella

Antoinette Gutherie

Fran O'Neal

Kate Heinen

Lauren Pesson

Jill Meaux

Katie Heard

Konni Ashy

Emily Babineaux

Amber David

Gwen Foreman

Emily Clark

Lynne Duay

Lane Parker