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PreK-3 - 8th Grade Priorities


1. Catholic children of active Fatima Parishioners, Catholic siblings of children currently enrolled at Fatima, and Catholic siblings of former Fatima students currently enrolled at St. Thomas More High School.

2. All other siblings and step-siblings of children currently enrolled at Fatima.

3. Children of Fatima School and Parish employees and children of Fatima Alumni.

4. Children of St. Thomas More Alumni.

5. Children of St. Thomas More Employees.

6. Children of registered Catholics from other church parishes.

7. All others.


A. All priorities are subject to review of prior records of student seeking entrance.  The Principal will administer this process.

B. Students transferring from other Catholic Schools have priority over students transferring from public or private schools.

C. Entrance in each category will be prioritized according to a date of application.  Those with earlier dates will be admitted first.

D. Should a conflict in any category arise, the principal will contact the pastor for resolutions.