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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that meets and exceeds the highest standards in education.  Our curriculum is aligned to the Grade Level Expectations and Standards of the Comprehensive Curriculum and is vertically aligned across grade levels in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and religion.  Technology is integrated into each content area in order to enhance learning and prepare students for the future.


OLF continues to research and study educational programs in order to select those that best meet the needs of our students.  Our lower elementary students receive strong phonics-based reading instruction, which lays the foundation for reading success and prepares them for the rigors of upper elementary reading and junior high literature study.  Writing is a main focus of the language arts curriculum, teaching students both oral and written communication.  Our math and science programs focus on grade level skills and include Fatima X-STREAM activities that are completed both in the classroom and in the Fatima X-STREAM lab.  We select programs that will provide a strong educational foundation, differentiation opportunities, and critical thinking skills.  At the core of all instruction is our religious education program, a program that provides instruction in our Catholic faith from Pre-K3 through 8th grade.


Awards/Special Recognition

Students are recognized throughout the year for exemplary progress in academics. In addition, groups of awards are given out at the Academic Pep Rally or ceremonies that close out each school year. These awards cover the areas of academics, character, citizenship and athletics.