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OLF Alumni Council Mission

The Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Alumni Council will promote good fellowship among alumni, strengthen the ties of loyalty and devotion of alumni to the school, and at all times further the interests of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School.

Faculty Alumni

The true testament to the success of any organization can be found in the number of people who leave and then choose to return. There are numerous alumni serving in many different capacities on our campus. They are sharing the wonderful Fatima Spirit with the children of today. As we send each class off into the world, we feel excited to know that many of them will only be gone for a few short years, as Fatima is home to so many people.

Keep in Touch!

We want to know all about your successes and accomplishments. Do you own a business, have wonderful children, have a great job, or have anything else that you would like to share with other alumni? Please call the Alumni Office at 235-2464 or email us at

Are you one of us?

The Alumni Association is trying to locate all Fatima Graduates. Whether you graduated from Fatima High School, attended Fatima High and then graduated from another high school, or finished Fatima in 8th grade, you are a Fatima Alum and are part of the Alumni Association. If you know of anyone who we have not been in contact with in recent months, please call the Alumni Office at 235-2464, email us at, or fill out the Google Form below.