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The Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Foundation’s primary focus for the last 43 years has been to raise a significant amount of funds for the Endowment.  Many generous parents, grandparents and alumni have graciously given to the endowment over the years, and now is the time to recognize them for “providing for all students’ tomorrows.” In the Fall of 2012, the Our Lady of Fatima School Foundation embarked on a new way of recognizing founding donors and future donors to the Foundation’s endowment. The Foundation is pleased to introduce the Lifetime Warrior Campaign and Donor Recognition Wall.

The Donor Recognition Wall will encircle the beautiful Holy Family statues in the rotunda area.  This area is to be a symbol of the support and dedication people have for Our Lady of Fatima School and the Catholic education that it provides. Past donors who have given $10,000 or more to the Endowment will have a plaque with their family name on it, which will be placed on the honorary arches.  It is the Foundation’s hope that this wall will inspire and motivate many families to “provide for their tomorrows” with a gift of $10,000 or more.

We are very grateful for the generosity of our Lifetime Warriors:

The Zepernick Family

Mackey Francis and Family

Stewart and Renee Delcambre

Michael, Ongel, Alison and Adam Aldridge

Tom and Betty Butcher

The Fred Werner Family - Cortney, Quinn, and Blair

Robert and Constance Billet and Family

Matt and Mary Mitchell and Family

Gloria B. Doll

The Don and Tish Capretz Family

Michael and Maureen Judice

Jerry and Germaine Smith

Stephen and Linda Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butcher and Family

The Eddy Knight Family

Diana Francis

Glen and Deborah Richard and Family

LeRoy and Ruby Trahan

Dan and Laura Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Montagnet and Family

Mark and Trish Knight and Family

Jeff Mosing and Family

The Moody Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Perret and Family

Barry and Kathleen Heinen

Rodney and Cindi Savoy

The Moncla Family- Buck Moncla, Mike Moncla, Matt and Lacey Moncla, & Spook and Ashley Moncla

Drs. Leo and Elizabeth Butcher/Landry

John and Joretta Chance and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gale Galloway and Tara Galloway

Albert and Inez Kare' and Family

Vicki and Charlie Milam

Bill and Maureen Whitehead

John, Kevin, and Brian Couvillion

Todd and Louise Lambert and Family 

Gerald and Alberta Gossen and Family 

Juno and Alice Guedry

Richard and Elaine Zuschlag

Micheal and Teri Poole
Brett and Morgan Berard