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Physical Education

Physical education teachers work with students at all levels and provide a daily developmental program for grades PK through 8.   In junior high, physical education is taught to all students on a rotation basis.  The P.E. department utalizes the Fishing for Fitness Program as well as teaching First Aid and Cajun Dancing to the students of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School.


Students in grades Pre-K – 5 participate in music instruction on a bi-weekly basis. They are taught the fundamentals of music, as well as liturgical music. Students in grades 5 – 8 have the opportunity to participate in chorus or band. These students sing at school masses and concerts and perform in the Solo and Ensemble Festival. They perform at Acadian Village during the Christmas season and for residents of assistant living and nursing facilities. Band students perform for school functions, athletic events, and school concerts.


Students in all grade levels visit the library bi-weekly, weekly, or on a flexible schedule. The library is open in the mornings for Accelerated Reader testing for all grade levels and for junior high students to work on assignments and research. The librarians work with students to meet their A. R. goals and provide motivation with the AR Point Clubs and Quarterly Parties.  The Millionaire Club recognizes students who have read one million words! The librarians also sponsor the Library Club, which is open to students in junior high.

Computer Lab

Students in grades Pre-K - 3 visit the computer lab on a weekly basis while students in grades 4 - 8 use the computer lab on a flex schedule. One of the two labs is used for technology instruction for lower elementary while the other lab is used for technology instruction, keyboarding instruction, and projects for upper elementary and junior high students. The OLF Technology Curriculum is designed to provide age appropriate instruction to all students.


French instruction is provided to students in grades Pre-K – 5. This instruction is enrichment in nature and presents the basics of the French language and culture to the students. Eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in the French course elective, which is instructional in nature and prepares students for high school French.  


Art is provided as an enrichment for students in grades K – 5. The art curriculum provides students with instruction appropriate for their grade level from basic to advanced. As the students move from grade level to grade level, their art instruction advances with them. Art is provided as an elective course for students in grades 6 – 8. They create pieces of art that are displayed around school and at the yearly Art Showcase.

Science Lab

Students in grades K – 5 attend science lab on a weekly basis as an extension of the science classroom. The science lab instructor works with teachers to provide science activities and experiments as a part of science curriculum. The focus is on hands-on instruction and experimentation.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are provided to students who are interested in such instruction. These lessons are not a part of the required school curriculum and instruction. These are optional programs that are offered on campus for those interested. Arrangements are made for students to receive lessons before school, after school, or during recess times.