Special Needs

Parents who suspect that their child may have an academic exceptionality, i.e., giftedness, learning disability, speech disorder, etc. should request a meeting with their child’s teacher as soon as possible. If the teacher feels that there is an exceptionality, he/she will request a meeting with the REAC (Regular Education Accommodation Committee) team. The team, along with the teacher, will recommend classroom interventions and accommodations.  For those students who require more extensive academic support in the core subjects, we offer assistance through our Resource program. A student must qualify for these extra accommodations. If it becomes necessary, the REAC team may request a complete evaluation by Lafayette Parish pupil appraisal personnel. A Pupil Appraisal Personnel Team evaluates the students and an I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plan) is compiled for each student with a learning disabilities classification, which qualifies those students to receive additional assistance through the Lafayette Parish School System.  Our Lady of Fatima School attempts to meet the needs of all of its students by making minor accommodations and incorporating minor interventions in regular classroom activities as recommended by the REAC team. Major adjustments, including those that could be detrimental to the rights of other students and those that require additional costs, are considered beyond our ability and cannot be incorporated. 

Instructional Support

Our Lady of Fatima School provides instructional support through an Early Intervention Program for students in kindergarten and first grade. Admittance into this program is by teacher recommendation. Intervention is provided for those students struggling in reading and writing. Additionally, we offer an after school intervention program in math and reading for students in grades 1-4. This program provides online instruction and practice at each student's mastery level. Admittance to this program is by teacher recommendation. 
Our Lady of Fatima School offers classes for the mildly and moderately mentally handicapped through our DEC (Department of Exception Children) program. Students eligible for this program will meet with our Special Education teachers who will complete an evaluation and make a recommendation for acceptance to the program. (Please see our page on our DEC program.)

Gifted and Talented Program

The Lafayette Parish School System has various programs for students who are classified as “gifted” through their 
Gifted and Talented Program. Students can be recommended for testing by teachers or parents. A recommendation is made to the Assistant Principal of Curriculum to determine if the student meets the criteria for testing as set forth by LPSS. If a student 
meets the criteria, paperwork is completed and sent to LPSS. Once LPSS receives the paperwork, they 
will contact the parents with more specifics. Testing results will be sent directly to the parents. In order to get the process 
started, the Assistant Principal of Curriculum completes preliminary paperwork to determine if a student qualifies 
for testing. If the student does qualify, the Assistant Principal will send paperwork home for the parents to complete 
and will send all required information to LPSS. Please contact the Assistance Principal of Curriculum if you feel your child may qualify for testing.
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Center for Gifted Education offers Children's programs designed to support the development of high ability and gifted learners. Click here to find out more.
University of Louisiana Lafayette Center for Gifted Education Screening for Admission Window is now open.  Click here to find out more.  
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodations the individual can meet our program goals), in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.
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